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Rental Assistance Voucher Prossesing Services

Rental Assistance Voucher Processing

Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. (KWH)  is a rental assistance processing center for two contractors. In 2015, KWH processed 164 rental assistance applications on behalf of these contractors.

Housing Quality Standard Inspections

Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. has a certified housing quality standard inspector on staff. KWH conducts Housing Quality Standard inspections for agencies in Kansas and Missouri.

For more information, please contact Kendra Konrady at

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Mediation Services

Jana Loflin, director of housing locations services, is a certified mediator specializing in resolving tenant-landlord disputes. Mediation is statutorily defined as "the intervention into a dispute by a third party who has no decision making authority and is impartial to the issues being discussed" (K.S.A. 50503 (f)). Examples of Kim Wilson Housing mediated disputes includes disturbances and problems between neighbors, tenant use of utilities, failure to pay rent or disputes or disagreements between landlords and tenants.

Jana has performed or currently performs mediation services for the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority, Wyandot Center, PACES, reStart and for private landlords in the Kansas City area.

For more information about mediation services, contact Jana Loflin at

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