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Technical Assistance and Contracting Services

Technical Assistance and Contracting Services

Local and state government agencies, non-profit housing and service providers and health and wellness organizations contract with Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. (KWH) to provide housing-related services for targeted populations. KWH has no geographic boundaries, and our services can be tailor-made to fit our client's needs. All staff are involved in providing technical assistance and contracting services. You can review our staff experience documented under About Us and what makes us unique here.

If your organization is interested in KWH's technical assistance and contracting services, please contact Christy McMurphy, .

KWH has in the past or is currently contracting with the following organizations enhance their housing opportunities:

Non-profit Housing and Service Providers

  • Wyandot Center -- Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. (KWH)  and Wyandot Center are sister organizations under Wyandot, Inc's. umbrella. Wyandot Center contracts with KWH to: 
    • Manage its HUD-funded permanent supportive housing grant, which has 18 scattered-site units.
    • Manage its 50-unit apartment complex, Oakwood Gardens.
    • Manage St. Luke's Lutheran Church housing units.
    • Perform Housing Quality Standards inspections.
    • Process Tenant-Based Rental Assistance vouchers.
    • Develop housing units for individuals participating in Wyandot Center's Cooperative Agreement Benefiting Homeless Individuals grant.
  • PACES -Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. and PACES are sister organizations under Wyandot, Inc's. umbrella. PACES contracts with KWH to: 
    • Perform mediation services.
    • Manage St. Luke's Lutheran Church housing units.
    • Perform Housing Quality Standards inspections.
    • Locate housing for families and youth.
  • Metro Lutheran Ministry -- Metro Lutheran Ministry contracted with KWH to:
    • Manage three of its HUD-funded permanent supportive housing grants.
    • Performs Housing Quality Standard inspections for its units.
    • Assisted in the development of new supportive housing programs.
  • Synergy Services, Inc. --  Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. provided consulting services to Synergy aimed at enhancing the supportive housing programs administered by Synergy.
  • reStart -- reStart contracted with KWH to perform mediation services for the tenants and landlords participating in its Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program.
  • SAVE, Inc. -- SAVE, Inc. contracted with KWH to conduct Housing Quality Standard inspections for its units.

Health and Wellness Organizations

Truman Medical Center -- , Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. provided consulting and contracting services to Truman Medical Center's (TMC) behavioral health department. Under this relationship, TMC:
  • Restructured to create a housing department in-house.
  • Began a new residential care program.
  • Re-purposed a HUD-funded housing program, which added more units to its inventory.
 See Our Impact for more information on this unique partnership.

Kansas Health Foundation -- Kim Wilson Housing, Inc., on behalf of Wyandot Center, was able to assist 160 households served by KWH's sister organization, PACES, with obtaining and maintaining housing through a Recognition Grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. 

Local and State Government Agencies

Tiny Houses and Cottage Communities                                      

Kim Wilson Housing, Inc's director of housing location services, Jana Loflin, has become an area expert on tiny houses. Jana is a former member of the Tiny House Collective and is working with the Kansas City (Missouri) Assessment Triage Center to explore including a tiny house supportive living community in the Assessment Center's services.
Jana offers her expert technical assistance services to entities who are serious about wanting to create affordable environments. Jana can be reached at

For more information on supportive housing in tiny house communities for homeless persons or persons who are at-risk of becoming homeless, visit learn more below.

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